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Calling all artists!

How does The Holy One appear to you?

Send us your drawing/painting of Cremonus and we’ll post it here for all to see!
(scroll down for current submissions)


1. Please send a pdf/jpg of your drawing/painting of Cremonus to this email.
2. You may also send along a short paragraph on how Cremonus, blessed be His Holy Name, has been a force for good in your life. (optional)

3. Deadline to be included on this page is May 18, 2018 (in time to celebrate the Alto, Ale, and Asparagus Festival!) or until whenever it is pleasing unto Cremonus.

4. Please include the following in your email: “I hereby allow Scott Slapin and Tanya Solomon (aka Slapin-Solomon Duo) to use my art in any way they see fit."  Please “sign” with your first and last name. 

5. Artwork must not: be obscene; contain text (except for His name: Cremonus); or be otherwise inappropriate as determined by the owners of this site. Remember that obscenity about God is considered blasphemy and punishable by endless Sevcik exercises.

6. Original artwork only. Use of copyrighted material is prohibited.

Below is the first artist rendering of the Holy One made by Simcha Labuschagne for the opera, Violacentrism by Scott Slapin.

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Watercolor by Mike L.
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Drawing by John P.

©2018 Scott Slapin and Tanya Solomon